The last of the great whales
--Andy Barnes

My soul has been torn from me and I am bleeding

My heart it has been rent and I am crying

All the beauty around me fades and I am screaming

I am the last of the great whales and I am dying


Last night I heard the cry of my last companion

Heard the roar of the harpoon gun and then I was alone

I thought of the days gone by when we were thousands

But now I soon must die, the last leviathan


This morning the sun did rise crimson in the north sky

The ice was the colour of blood and the winds they did sigh

I rose for to take a breath, it was my last one

From a gun came the roar of death and now I am done


And now that we are all gone there will be no more hunting

The bigfellow is no more, it's no use lamenting

What race will be next in line, all for the slaughter?

The elephant or the seal?

Or your sons and daughters?