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last updated September 2009

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Time zones: from CMNI: for GMT subtract 10, for PDT add 7 and subtract 24, for sidereal time subtract 3:40

From GMT: for CMNI add 10

Position: N 14 deg 9 min, E 145 deg 9 min

Astronomical data:
Earliest sunrise 05:50 apprx June 1, latest sunrise 06:48 Jan 7
Latest sunset 18:52 apprx July 9, earliest sunset 17:49 Dec 1
Sun directly overhead at local noon on approximately April 28 and August 15

Current time in GMT and all other time zones

Rota current conditions and past 24 hours

Surf and tide forecasts for Guam and CNMI

NOAA zone forecast for Rota

Coastal waters forecast for Guam and CMNI (probably the best forecast for winds and trends in precipitation)

Weather alerts for Guam and CMNI (check date as expired warnings are often left up)

Marine weather warnings for Guam and CMNI (check date as expired warnings are often left up)

NOAA discussion for Guam and CMNI

Comments on radar and satellite images: the CMNI appear to lie in a "blind spot" for the radar at Guam, but features over the nearby waters are visible. The radar detects rain, and updates every few minutes. It is very useful to check the radar before going into the field as it will often reveal whether or not a massive shower is heading your way! It is also useful to keep an eye on the satellite pictures as they will let you know whether clear skies or clouds are headed your way. The satellite pictures only update once per hour. In this region it is very common for clouds at different levels to move in different directions so keep that in mind when trying to figure out which way things are moving. The clouds that are most likely to bring rain are the lower cumulus clouds which are sharp defined round blobs in the visual picture and red in the colorized infrared picture. Of less interest are the higher thinner clouds which are less defined in the visual picture and light blue in the colorized infrared picture.

Guam weather radar: current, loop

Visible or IR satellite image centered on Guam and CMNI: current, loop. Images updated at 25 minutes past the hour.

Large-scale satellite images of tropical Pacific:
Visible (daytime only): current, loop
Colorized infrared: current, loop

Hurricane forecasts: (Important!)

Tropical Cyclone Information from Japan Meteorological Agency -- a graphic view of the predicted path of any hurricanes in the western Pacific region

Joint Typhoon Warning Center (includes western Pacific region) -- be sure and view the "TC warning graphic" for the predicted path of the storm, under the "Current Northwest Pacific/North Indian Ocean* Tropical Systems" banner.


western tropical Pacific (basic)

western tropical Pacific 2 (detailed, zoomable, includes seafloor elevations, not full-screen)

CMNI information:

Some notes on CMNI including details of small northern islands

CMNI event calendar